Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bryan Cranston interviewed on his part in John Carter of Mars

Everything I've read reinforces my opinion that Andrew Stanton and Michael Chabon have written a great script to shoot the John Carter of Mars trilogy with. I think it will be faithful to the spirit of the books, but shape the first 3 books into a compelling narrative fit for the big screen. Here is Bryan Cranston who plays a Civil War Colonel in the movie:
Q: And then you've got Andrew Stanton's "John Carter of Mars."
A: Cranston: "John Carter of Mars" – Another fantastically-written film. This is based on the book "Princess of Mars" by Edgar Rice Burrows, which he started writing way back before "Tarzan" and wrote eleven novels following the exploits of John Carter, who's kind of a rebel from Virginia during the Civil War time. My character is a Northern Colonel and wants to and needs to recruit him into the cavalry of the northern army to help settle the Arizona territories because we're having tremendous difficulties with the Indians. He refuses and I keep grabbing him and forcing him to come into the fold. There's a whole bunch of exploits and he goes to Mars. He finds a portal to Mars, which is fascinating. Then the story takes places on Mars with all the creatures that Disney is so wonderfully and incredibly expert at creating, and then it also takes place back in the American Civil War time.


  1. I've been encouraged by what I heard as well. I hope it lives up to expectations.

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