Call for Articles!

I'm putting together a one-shot homage to classic 80's Dragon magazine. It will be called Drakar and have the look, feel, and layout of that era. Including articles, ads, even humor!

In order to fill this up I'm looking for articles from the OSR. It can be an original article, an excerpt from your homebrewed RPG or campaign. This issue is going to be generally Norse Mythology themed, but just like those old magazines it will be a hodge-podge of cool stuff, so anything you enter that is RPG related will work. No bias towards any particular system.

Also looking for ads, that's right, free ad space! Remember those old homebrewed ads of someone's passion project? Hardcopies will be available, and the neato thing is that since it will also be a PDF any links you include in your ad will be clickable to take the reader straight to your web page or online store item.
You can submit your article to tldenmark at gmail dot com. Space is limited so submit your entry now.

Old school ads!