Sunday, July 28, 2019

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I've been spending some time over the past week to consolidate and clean up my various online presences. There was a time I went blog crazy. Blogger makes it so easy to create a new blog. In my thinking I was using it as a way to create a new free website for a particular project. In practice it made a mess, kind of like a garage that hasn't been cleaned up in years and stuff just piled up.

So, I have two blogs that represent my career (art) and hobby (games). I won't be updating this blog anymore, though I'll probably leave it up since there are so many links to it I don't want to break.

From now on my games blog will be my original game blog: 

For those interested in my art that blog is:

Thanks for checking them out, bookmarking them, and subscribing! I'll continue to put out the best content I can.


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