Friday, January 22, 2010

This is Conan?

Jason Mamoa has just been cast as the new Conan. I'm not really seeing why. But then some weird casting choices before have turned out pretty good. Like Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. More often, though, it goes horribly awry.


  1. Sorry, but I just can't see it. Hunter Hearst Helmsley (Triple H of WWE fame) at one time was slated to play Conan the king in a third installment of the movie line. Now, that I could see. Triple H definitely has the physique to pull it off. He just looks barbaric. This guy just isn't plain big enough. Thinking back to the cover art for the books, Conan is one big dude. This guy is too small to pull it off. I'm sorry, but when I look at this guy, I just don't see Conan. I see someone that Conan would beat up to steal his lunch money.

  2. if you think the next edition of Conan is going to disappoint

    rent "Princess of Mars" by Mark Atkins

    and see what they did to ERB's classic

  3. just as an aside,
    at 46 years old
    I have bigger biceps than this guy . . .

  4. Conan could take down entire armies single handedly, he could wield a 300 pound sword in one hand, and turn a lesbian straight; however the one thing that Conan can't do is win a beauty contest. I shan't be watching this.

    I also heard that this is not the king, but a reboot of the series. Why? They can't touch the original Conan the Barbarian, nobody can. I WANT THE KING!!!!

  5. Just want to point out a couple of things to think about.

    Bulk means very little when it comes to raw strength, worse yet it can greatly hinder speed and agility which is crucial for a thief.

    other than his dreads, this dude matches the description of conan more than triple h does.

  6. Mike, I hear ya. While 4 wheeling on the beach in Kauai we got stuck and some husky Hawaiians helped get us out, I have nothing but appreciation for how great the Hawaiian people are!

    My hopes are that they make the greatest Conan movie of all time. It's just hard to see Jason in the role right now.

    But, I have no problem reserving judgment until actually seeing the man in the role.

  7. If Trips was Conan in this movie I would have to root for all the Stygians etc to kick his ass. I don't know if they will ever find a Conan as good as Arnold. I'm sure they will give whoever it is way too much dialog. But Jason looks good enough, kinda like the comic book Conan.