Friday, August 27, 2010

A Fantasy Path Tile Updated

Looking through my Fantasy Path box set and enjoying the quaintness of the graphics I struck on the idea of seeing what they would look like updated with modern graphics. A quick scan into Photoshop, some manipulated photo textures and some other Photoshop tricks and here is how it came out:

For comparison here is the original tile:
Enjoy, happy Friday!


  1. Awesome! What happened to the mystic "40" runes on the East wall? :)

  2. heh, I edited that out, along with the nearly impossible to see torch sconces. Being lazy.

  3. Very cool! We need to see more! :-D

  4. Cool!

    What is the size of the tile? It looks about 4"...

  5. thanks all, it was fun to make. If I was going to make more of them I'd probably reformat them a little to be more useful, like removing the walls.

    biopunk: 4"x4"