Monday, January 18, 2016

Warriors of the Red Planet available

I spent the better part of my weekend trying to figure out the DriveThruRPG interface. I managed to upload the file and submit it for review. But the whole process was a bit obtuse. Only slightly better was uploading it to Lulu, but that might be because I'm more familiar with using that service. Last I heard from DriveThruRPG is they are reviewing the file. While Lulu appears to have it available in print and PDF versions now.

I'm including the links for those of you eagerly awaiting this version of Warriors of the Red Planet, but for those who prefer DriveThruRPG and want to have it as a part of your library there I'm still waiting for final confirmation.

At any rate it is available now!

Print version

PDF version

Also, apparently Lulu provides ePub for Kindle, iBooks, etc. I'm still working on an ePub version and it should go out this week.



  1. Bought them both as soon as I saw this message!!! 8^)

  2. Just bought the pdf. Will come back for print on payday. Thanks!

  3. PDF and print copy purchased, with the former already downloaded and the latter bound for Texas as we speak. Use the code LULURC for a discount on the printed copy and mailing.

  4. Typographical error on page 16 of the PDF. In the supplies listing there is an item "Ten" presumably "Tent"?

  5. Thank you very much for the PDF edition! I didn't remember I bought a PDF so fast. :D

  6. I hope the print quality on the paperback version is better than it looks in the preview on Lulu. Can anyone who has the print version confirm this?

    1. I received mine yesterday, I never looked at the preview but the physical book is quite nice, clear, readable text, the art looks sharp and clean. I hope that helps!

  7. My print copy has yet to arrive. I'll post a response when it shows up.

  8. Add: I've received shipping confirmation from Lulu so it shouldn't be long.

  9. Thomas---

    What's the difference between the new and old editions of the book?---just art and layout, or have you modified the rules, and/or otherwise tweaked the content too?


  10. Really digging this book! One question, is there a rule for Mentalists to learn their powers? I couldn't find a mechanic in the book, but I did reverse engineer one from the Sorcerers Appendix entry. No big problem, but I was curious. Still a great little book!

  11. Oh man. I wish you had contacted me. I had a lot of good ideas to improve on your rules. I guess I'll have to write my own set of OSR rules.