Thursday, February 15, 2018

Fantasy Map Drawing Practice

I've been practicing my fantasy map drawing skills in a sort of "Tolkienesque" style for upcoming projects (including Hawkmoor and Graymoor among others).

For the names I used a little technique that I had a whole post planned for about using Google translate for generating your own fantasy language, but as I was writing it out I realized there wasn't really enough there for a full post. Basically just choose a language on Google Translate you think sounds interesting and appropriate for your world and type in the English word you want translated and taduh! You have a language to use for your fantasy world. Tweak a few of the consonants and vowels if you like.

What I did here was chose Icelandic and just typed in things like "Mountain Peaks" and "Water Port" to get names for my map. Sounds so Viking!


  1. That's my favorite naming method, though you never know when someone who knows the language is going to say, "Wait, you named those mountains 'Big Mountains' in my native tongue? Do you know what that means in slang?"

    My second favorite method is to go to Wikipedia and use names from lists of ethnic cuisines. One of my maps, the names of every minor locale are names of German dishes...

    1. oh, good idea! Palak Paneer mountains (spinach & cottage cheese mountains).