Friday, February 9, 2018

The Gentleman Class

A new playable character class for your DND game.

Downloadable here:

Brought to you by Old Spice.


  1. I can totally see an Ex-Gentleman becoming a "Fuckboy" — the Anti-Paladin/Blackguard of the Gentlemen class — who is a misogynous douchebag with no respect for women and a believe that they are "God's gift to women."

    They get annoyed when women reject their advancements, and blames them instead of acknowledging their own poor social skills. They bath in a noxious chemical called "Axe" that they believe is a highly potent aphrodisiac. On dates, they will dine-and-dash as they are too cheap to pay their way, and will hold it against their date for not putting out after paying for fast-food from the 1gp menu. If they don't cast a sleep spell on a reluctant girl on the first date, they will whip their bent pecker out believing girls would go down in it. They NEVER use protection as it "ruins the experience" (and too cheap and lazy to buy the condoms). And if they managed to get a girl knocked-up, they would call her a liar and think she got pregnant on purpose so she can live on the child-support, and will skip town to avoid taking responsibility for their own child, while calming it is someone else's child.

    Unfortunately, I knew too many guys like that in real-life. :(